How to Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers Card Game

Configuring Bakugan

Each player should choose at least 3 for each color Bakugan (initially in the closed form that resembles marble). Where is the open battle readiness creatures. They will choose the highest "G-Power" Bakugan (in the same Bakugan), because usually the highest in the G-Power, the better. There are exceptions, but I will explain later.

Each Bakugan will also Portal Card (1 each color) and a capacity Card (1 each color). For example, if you play with 3 Bakugan. We have total 3 Gate Cards and 3 Ability Cards.

A Gate Card is the card that contains a heavy metal in it. The card has the same bonus features for each color and instructions. So be careful in reading what additional guidance you have to do.

An Ability Card will have a heavy metal in it. It is a lighter card. These cards have specific instructions on when to play and how they played. To read these cards before you choose to play them. These cards, if used effectively can sway the battle in your favor. Some cards also have a capacity bonus pay as well.

Bakugan are all closed at the start of the game and not show your cards, or cards Gate Capacity on your opponents.

We must find a good and level playing surface or use a Bakugan Battle Arena. Whatever you use make sure it is a medium-sized large area.

Playing the game Bakugan

The most important part of the game. Who will go first. It is usually the youngest person first. But to make things fair you can roll a dice or however you want to decide who goes first. Once the person is chosen the game may begin officially.

Each player is a gate card on the field more than themselves. The cards must touch one another.

The first person would start rolling their Bakugan in the field (you can not toss Bakugan). You can roll a marble, or you can use a special hand Bakugan launcher. Once the Bakugan opens (called "permanent") for a Gateway Card is the next number of the person. Even if the Bakugan does not open, but is still a gateway card that is still considered permanent.

If you have two Bakugan that are on the same card, then the first Bakugan on a card must be moved to another gate Card. It can be moved to an empty Gate card or can be moved to Gate Card that has an opponent in the Bakugan.

If there is no possible way the Bakugan can be moved, then you automatically win that gate card and insert it into your use of the heap. It should also be removed from the two also play Bakugan.

If your Bakugan hits from your opponents off Bakugan card, then you will get automatically Gate Card.

If there are two in Bakugans Gate Card, one of you and one of your opponent, then the battle for the Gate Card.

Compare two of the Group of Forces for Bakugan. Then Flip Card Gate above. Read and follow the instructions.

If you want you can use your ability cards at this time. The player who started the fight will have to play their first card Ability Cards. Remember to follow the instructions on the card capacity, because they are very specific. If there is a bonus feature on the card, then this time. Remember Ability cards can be used only once the entire game. After it is used will come into use in hair.

Having done this, then the final bonus feature portal for the card and calculate the G-Power for the battling Bakugan. The colors show the G-Power to add that colored Bakugan. The highest G-Powered Bakugan wins the Gate Card. An exception is that some Gate cards are instructed to say that the lower G-Power Bakugan wins.

If a tie occurs, then each person will be closed and the roll of Bakugan. Whoever is the first person to develop their Bakugan to the same card will win the Gate Card.

Gate Card Bakugan and placed in each used their hair. If a Bakugan is the heap is used, then you can not use it again until all your Bakugan used to nap. This prevents players from using the same Bakugan again and again.

The game continues until there are no other cards on the field gate. If there are no more Gate Cards will be created and then again in the field. Use only Gateway Cards are not placed in stacks used.

* (Series 2) the winner is the player who captures the first 3 Gate Cards.

(Series 1) all battles until all the Gate Cards capture. Each player adds all the HSP (Hole Sector Points) from Gate Cards arrested. It is marked on the same portal Cards (Series 1 only). Each Bakugan worth 100 HSP. Add all that and the player with most HSP wins the game. ^

* These are the new provisions of the Series 2 Bakugan. The new rules were introduced to simplify the game.

^ The rules are slightly more complicated, but you can use.

The new craze that has taken pokemon. Bakugan is launching a new collection of cards and monsters. See this site for more information.

Instructions Bakugan

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