My View on Video Games of Today

This can be divided into several 1 to 3 items on the same topic, because I can go on long about this topic. I feel like cutting right to the issue this time. If I remember correctly, the final boss is supposed to be not only a review of everything you have done so far, but are intended to be the last obstacle in the way you beat the game. So why are many defeatable final boss in less than a minute, and not only that, usually requires little effort on behalf of any decently skilled player? I think I know why this seems to be the case. And I believe Prominent People in power to transform people want in animals (I mean, as the dogs of some people who currently own, for those who have animals in the house) so they are easily controllable and manageable without fatigue . Since the average intelligence of people is descending rapidly, the videogame that people said to be playing much easier to fly, because no one enjoys a game that heads that they can not fly. Of course this also means that it is much easier to attract people in a game with music and graphics alone.

For example, a game currently playing, X-Men Legends II, the enemies are a joke. I had the luck and a little '+ damage equipment for my main character, and now, regular enemies die in 1 hit (yes, literally), the leading types die in 1-3 shots (usually only 2) and managers (including action zone boss, boss regularly decimated obtain even faster) literally dying in less than 30 seconds (of course, a little 'longer if they invulnerability shields that use half the battle). It's not like the heads were also difficult, in the first place. Oh, and in this game, are currently in place only 4, but at 44 (Was 1-hitting things halfway law actually 3). Seriously, when someone did allow people to easily breeze through games like this?

Want to know what is even more fun? Using its own set of skills / competencies, you can easily make some game-breaking feats (An important example is in Kingdom Hearts II, where you can abuse magenta and experience Boost against swarms of fast propulsion (Really weak enemies) to get all the way up to level 99 (and this probably requires only one or two hours maximum).

That concludes Part 1.

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