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This can be divided into 1 to 3 more articles on the same subject, I can go on at length about this issue. I feel like cutting right to the issue this time. If I remember correctly, the final bosses assumed that there is only a review of everything you have done so far, but that the final obstacle in your way by beating the game. But then, why are many bosses Final defeatable in less than a minute, and not only that usually requires little effort on the part of any decently skilled player? I know that this is probably why. And I have reason to believe that a prominent place in power people want to turn people into animals (like dogs, I mean some of you currently own people, who have animals in your house), so as to be easily controllable and effortlessly manageable. Given that the average intelligence of people to be established rapidly, said the video games that people have to play much easier to win because no one enjoys a game bosses that can not be beat. Of course, this also means that it is much easier to draw in a game with music and graphics alone.

For example, one of the games we play today, X-Men Legends II, the enemy is a complete joke. I am very lucky and have some + damage equipment for my main character, and now, the regular enemies die in 1 hit (yes, literally), the leader species dying in 1-3 hits (usually only 2) and bosses (Even practice area bosses, regular bosses be decimated even faster) literally died in less than 30 seconds (of course, a little more if they have invulnerability shields that use mid-fight). It is as if the bosses were not even hard in the first place. Oh, and in this game, I am now in practice only 4 but I am level 44 (Was 1-banging things in Act 3 actually). Seriously, when someone would easily allow black people to the basic games like this?

Want to know what is even more fun? Using the correct number of skills / powers, can easily make a game-breaking feats (A typical example is the Kingdom Hearts II, where you can abuse Magenta and experience Boost flocks in the rapid thrusters (Really weak enemies) to acquire all the way up to level 99 (And this is probably only an hour or two at most).

This concludes part 1.

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