Gaming Could Bring HS Drop Outs Back to School

Too many of our young people in America are dropping out of high school, and this is quite shocking, because there are some things you just need to know to get along in the world. You must be able to read and write, write correctly, and know a little 'history. You also need to know a little 'math to bounce a check book, and just to get along in the world.

Dropping out of high school can be a real problem and you go in life. Is there a way to get some of these children go to school, after they have already dropped out? I think there is, but it means changing the way we teach children.

Many educational experts specializing in electronic high-tech teaching agree that we need to bring virtual reality, computer games and education. It will keep the attention of students, and also their IQ. E 'also means fun and learning that will stay in school because they enjoy what they are doing.

Gaming could really high-school dropouts in schools, and help them learn all the things they need to learn to survive in society and become successful in their lives. Please consider all this, because this is a very serious problem and one that if we do not address cost the taxpayers huge sums of money in the future for prisons, more police, courts and rehabilitation centers.

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