FIFA 10 - The Next-Gen Soccer Video Game Experience

I have two minutes at 10 FIFA video game?

Graphics: The graphics of this version of FIFA superiorly is much better than previous versions of the game. Players look more realistic and can be compared with that of PES 2009 (although it is much better). The player's shirts, shorts, and the movement of hair and their breath for a cold, snowy days can be considered. The characteristics of the players can see more clearly. This is probably the next-gen soccer experience.

Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, N-Gage, PSP, mobile phone, the iPhone through the AppStore.

New features:

* To make sure that the team is attacking, not an advantage for the counterattack, the defensive line or "defense" will be placed in deeper. This was done to improve the realism of the game.
* 360 Degree System Dribbling - A new system that allows players to do more «exact" passes. These "exact" passes were not able to be made in earlier versions of the game.

Improved Features:

* Manager Mode: Now, with a 5-star team is much more difficult. This means that you can buy only highly rated by many players and your team expect to make a 5-star team. Should gain experience with your team. Another cool thing is that the friendly before the start of the races organized by your ASSISTANT MANAGER! I thought that was very cool.
* A.I. has improved.
* Set-piece delivery has improved. This means that the scoring of goals or passage through a free kick / corner is much easier.

David Ruther revealed the following data for the Twitter account:

* The defense wall against a free kick can be moved using the shoulder button.
* The game will not have dynamic lighting.
* Cross-park passes are now much more, and will take approximately half the time to cross the pitch.
* You can assign specific stadiums clubs.
* On cold days, it can snow, and the players' breath is visible.
* There will be many new effects.
* There will be a new way of training, similar to that of the PS2 version.

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