Bean Bag Toss Games - Re-Innovating the Fun

Many children today are not aware of bean bag toss games. It would require effort and enthusiasm on your part to ensure that this beautiful little outdoor activity of yore is known that children of today. The game is great as it combines the advantages of many other games without partaking of the disadvantages. For example, is an open game, but leads to a minimum air pressure for the players - which means that it is an attack on people of all ages.

Make washer toss games and bean bag toss game a part of your weekends. Use your back if they are available to tour. The bean bag toss game is quite similar to cornhole or corn toss games. The difference between them is that the cornhole games using maize seeds as filling the bean bag toss games make use of poly-beads.

All you need is 8 bean bags made of cloth or cotton duck fabric and a couple of raised platforms placed at a distance of 27 feet from each other while playing. The platforms are usually made of plastic or wood, with 6-inch hole for the reproduction. The size of the playing surface is determined as 24 "x 48" or 24 "x 36". The bean bags are filled with plastic pellets, with each one weighing 14 to 16 ounces. The size of each pellet is usually 6 "x 6".

Like the washer toss games, 2 or 4 players form teams and toss bean bags on the board. When there are 2 players, and both aim to reproduce the same boat. 4 player game using 2 boards kept some distance between them. The aim is to throw the bean bag through the hole to play the board. Each team gets 4 throws per round.

The bean bag that goes in the hole is worth 3 points. Although only results on the board, it is worth 1 point. A bean bag that does not touch the platform is worth 0. The standard scoring method is to subtract the lowest score from the highest rating and use the difference as a real score. For example, if both teams score equal points, the net result is that both get 0. The winner of the game is that the first group of 21 results.

In cases where groups are able to decide who will start the game, usually a coin that opens to make an impartial decision. The group in a higher position in the first round of land in the next round.

The washer toss games make use of washers instead of bean bags and they are tossed in the washer boards placed some distance. Players try to aim the washer in each of the three holes in the ship. The scoring is similar to the bean bag toss game - the difference is that the score of 5, 3 and 1 points, given the washer comes to the third (farthest), and middle first (nearest) holes, respectively.

The game can serve as a fun-filled to complete your usual weekend plans. If this is a picnic, you can carry bean bag toss game in a bag and have endless fun with their friends or family virtually anywhere. It provides exercise without letting the game take monotony. If interested in becoming part of competitions and matches in this game, the American Cornhole Association would be very helpful to you. The ACA decided formal rules of the game and to organize regular tournaments to promote the game as a tool for healthy sport which fits in well with the modern lifestyle.

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